The AccuteX Die Sinker DS CMAX Series is a RAM type CNC EDM machine offering a full range of sizes and capabilities. The CMAX series incorporates rigid heavy duty Meehanite castings designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure high accuracy machining. Premium grade ultra fine, double anchored Class 5 ball screws, high resolution 0.00004” linear optical scale for the X,Y and Z axis coupled with high quality, ultra wide linear guide ways produce smooth, precise operation regardless of the work piece size.

With a full complement of available options, the CM Series has the right equipment for every application. The fully functional C Axis can be fit with any commercial chuck for electrode holding compatibility and can hold up to 50 pounds. Shuttle and rotary automatic electrode changers or standalone FANUC robot can be installed to accommodate untended operations from roughing to finishing changing electrodes and work pieces.

Standard Machine Features:

•Machining modes include 1, 2 and 3 axis linear, 2 axis contouring and Helical
•Dual Digital synchronized pulse generator for best speed, surface and wear
•Intelligent automatic DC arc protection and parameter optimization
•Optional C Axis with rotation, indexing and helical machining
•Optional 4 to 16 position shuttle or rotary automatic electrode changer (AEC)
•Optional FANUC robot interface for automatic electrode (AEC) or Work (AWC) changing
•Hardened precision work table with standard T Slots
•Auto Fire Extinguisher with fire and fluid level sensors
•Remote Hand Box
•Turcite-B Ways with one shot lubrication
•Patented adjustable electrode holder
•Flushing ports, 5 emission 1 suction
•Conversational programming and automatic machining parameter selection
•Main and Sub routine programming with automatic rough to finish sequencing including electrode management
•24 fully selectable, configurable 2D and 3D orbit patterns

Tank Size 50 " X 87" X 23"
Table Size 39" X 72"
Travel X 53.25"
Travel Y 27.25"
Travel Z 19.50"
Total Z Height 36.50"

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